Declarative Machine Learning Systems: Ludwig & Predibase

apply(conf) - May '22 - 10 minutes

Declarative Machine Learning Systems are a new trend that marries the flexibility of DIY machine learning infrastructure and the simplicity of AutoML solutions. In this talk we will discuss about Ludwig, the open source declarative deep learning framework, and Predibase, an enterprise grade solution based on it.

Travis Addiar

Co-Founder & CTO


Travis Addair is co-founder and CTO of Predibase, a data-oriented low-code machine learning platform. Within the Linux Foundation, he serves as lead maintainer for the Horovod distributed deep learning framework and is a co-maintainer of the Ludwig automated deep learning framework. In the past, he led Uber’s deep learning training team as part of the Michelangelo machine learning platform.

Piero Molino

Co-Founder & CEO


Piero Molino, PhD is CEO and co-founder of Predibase, a company redefining machine learning tooling. He previously worked as a research scientist exploring machine learning and natural language processing at Stanford University, Uber AI, Geometric Intelligence, IBM Watson and Yahoo!. He is the author of Ludwig, a Linux-Foundation-backed open source declarative deep learning framework.