Extending Open Source Feature Stores to Fit Adyen

apply(conf) - May '22 - 10 minutes

We walk you through how we adopted Feast at Adyen. We’ll discuss the decisions we made because of infra and tech constraints, and the customizations we added— in particular for our open source project, spark-offline-store, which was adopted into the main feast repo. We hope our journey can help you reason about adopting Feast into your stack.

Joost van Ingen

Data Engineer

Dexter Energy

Joost is a software engineer with experience working on ML and data platforms. While at Adyen, he helped design and build a feature store. He recently joined Dexter Energy, a startup providing predictions on the energy market, where he will continue his career building data systems.

Thijs Brits

ML Engineer


Thijs is a Tech Lead and ML engineer at Adyen and worked on various feature lifecycle projects both for online- and batch prediction ML products.