Feature Engineering at Scale with Dagger and Feast

apply(conf) - May '22 - 30 minutes

Dagger or Data Aggregator is an easy-to-use, configuration over code, cloud-native framework built on top of Apache Flink for stateful processing of real-time streaming data. With Dagger, you don’t need to write custom applications or manage resources to process data in real-time. Instead, you can write SQLs to do the processing and analysis on streaming data.

At Gojek, Data Platform team use Dagger for feature engineering on realtime features. Computed features are then ingested to Feast for model training and serving. Dagger powers more than 200 realtime features at Gojek. This talk will about the end to end architecture and how Dagger and Feast work together to provide a cohesive feature engineering workflow.

Ravi Suhag

VP of Engineering


Ravi Suhag, an agile engineer with a vision to transform software chaos into seamless experiences. His inherent passion to solve problems involving analysis and synthesis shaped him to lead technology and product for organizations of all sizes, untangling the knots in software development, smoothing product delivery, and instilling best practices.

With more than 10 years of experience and proven track record he has crafted both technology and product roadmaps with a distinct programming style and a dedication to transparency and open-source development.

Currently working as VP Engineering at Gojek, Indonesia’s largest hyper-local company where he leads teams to build large-scale, self-service data platforms, allowing its workforce to make data-driven decisions. Before that, I worked as a tech consultant at the Center for International Development, Harvard University, to build tools that enabled the government to make data-driven policy decisions.