Intelligent Customer Preference engine with real-time ML systems

apply(meetup) - May '22 - 30 minutes

In an omni-commerce space such as Walmart, Personalization is the key to enable customer journeys tailored to their individual needs, preferences and routines. Moreover, in e-commerce, customers’ needs and intent evolve with time as they navigate and engage with hundreds of millions of products. Real-time session-aware ML systems are best suited to adapt to such changing dynamics and can power intelligent systems to provide 1:1 personalized customer experiences, from finding the product to delivering it to the customer. In this talk we will look at how we leverage session features to power customer preference engines in real-time applications at Walmart scale.

Sushant Kumar

Director, Data Science - Personalization & Recommendations

Walmart Global Tech

Sushant is the Director of Personalization & Recommendations at Walmart Global Tech, where he leads applied data scientists, machine learning engineers, data engineers and analytics teams to enable frictionless omni-retail experience for customers while helping customers build a trusted partnership with Walmart powered by core personalization platform. He is also passionate about driving research and innovation in the space of personalized recommender systems and customer knowledge representation and leverage it for customer facing applications at scale. His team is responsible for 1:1 personalized experiences on Walmart driven by open-source and in-house ML systems.