Lessons learned from the Feast community

apply(conf) - May '22 - 10 minutes

Feast, the open source feature store, has seen a dramatic rise in adoption as ML teams build out their operational ML use cases. The growth that Feast has experienced is in part due to the project being a community-driven effort, with development happening openly through public forums. However, designing out in the open hasn’t always been straightforward. As the Feast user base has grown, maintainers of the project have been faced with new and interesting challenges. In this talk we will share three examples of when the Feast community surprised us, and how that impacted the project’s direction.

Willem Pienaar

Feast Committer and Tech Lead


Willem Pienaar is a tech lead at Tecton, where he leads the Feast open source feature store. Willem created Feast while leading the Data Science Platform team at Gojek. His main focus areas are building data and ML platforms, allowing organizations to scale machine learning and drive decision making. In a previous life, Willem founded and sold a networking startup.