Machine Learning Platform for Online Prediction and Continual Learning

apply(conf) - May '22 - 30 minutes

This talk breaks down stage-by-stage requirements and challenges for online prediction and fully automated, on-demand continual learning. We’ll also discuss key design decisions a company might face when building or adopting a machine learning platform for online prediction and continual learning use cases.

Chip Huyen

Co-Founder & CEO

Claypot AI

Chip Huyen is an engineer who develops tools and best practices for machine learning production. She recently developed Claypot AI, a platform that leverages both batch and streaming systems for real-time machine learning. Through her work with Snorkel AI, NVIDIA, and Netflix, she has helped some of the world’s largest organizations deploy machine learning systems. She teaches “CS 329S: ML Systems Design” at Stanford. She’s also published four bestselling Vietnamese books and author of “Designing Machine Learning Systems” (O’Reilly, 2022).