Tying the Room Together: Apache Arrow and the Next Generation of Data Analytics Systems

apply(conf) - Apr '21 - 30 minutes

In this talk, I will discuss the coming architectural shift in data analytics systems that has been enabled by the widespread adoption of Apache Arrow, a universal language-independent standard for analytical data processing, and companion technologies for data storage like Apache Parquet. This will include topics such as user language integration, hardware acceleration and processing efficiency, data interoperability and transport, and more.  I will discuss implications for data engineers and data scientists today as well as how to plan for a future built increasingly on interoperable open standards.

Wes McKinney

CEO & Founder

Ursa Computing

Wes McKinney is an open-source software developer focusing on analytical computing. He created the Python pandas project and is a co-creator of Apache Arrow. He authored 2 editions of the reference book “Python for Data Analysis”. Wes is now the CEO/founder of Ursa Computing, an enterprise software company creating Arrow-powered computing technology for data science. Wes is a Member of The Apache Software Foundation and also a PMC member for Apache Parquet. Previously, he worked for RStudio, Two Sigma, Cloudera, and AQR Capital Management, and he was co-founder and CEO of the startup DataPad.